Yellow Cab Drivers Are Now Partnering With Police To Keep The Pulse Of What’s Happening In The Streets.

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While it may seems Anthony Joiner just drives people to their destinations, he does much more. Joiner says, “We can go in and we know we have instant access to the authorities.” He’s taken on the responsibility of curbing crime. “If we see something that’s out of order, we go ahead and report it,” says Joiner.”

Joiner and other Yellow Cab drivers are partnering with police to keep the pulse of what’s happening in the streets.

Joiner says, “You never know when you might need someone’s help.” Throughout Joiners shift, if he sees something illegal, he’ll call and let the taxi dispatchers know.

ABC 33/40 – Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

Dispatchers then forward the information to patrol officers, who trained the drivers on police technology and how to give a description. He showed us his GPS tracking system and the camera that records inside and outside of the taxi.

“We have a GPS system here which keeps us in contact with the dispatcher and we’re able to be tracked at any point in time wherever we can be,” says Joiner. He adds that the program is a success. Joiner says, “A Yellow Cab driver as of a week ago reported a robbery, so we are being effective and we are being utilized.”

And 8 years behind the wheel, Joiner has seen a lot. He loves the idea that his city can use him to help keep neighborhoods safe. “We need to do as much as we can to make our city be seen in a positive light,” says Joiner.

By Cory McGinnis of ABC 33/40

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