WA firefighter saves baby hamsters with oxygen-mask, tiny breathing tube

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US firefighter rescues a hamster that suffered from smoke inhalation during a house fire (Image from Twitter @LaceyFireDist3)

A photo of a Washington State firefighter administering oxygen to a baby hamster with a minuscule makeshift breathing tube has melted hearts on Twitter with its message that no life is too small to save.

The blaze broke out after a clothes dryer caught fire in the laundry room of a mobile home at about 3pm on Friday in the US city of Lacey, located in the northwest of the country, preliminary reports said. At first glance, no residents seemed to be inside.

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The woman who lived there had left her home to go to a friend’s house, but returned shortly after responding firefighters began fighting the blaze, fire battalion Chief Tim Hulse told KTLA 5 News.

She assured the crew that her children were at school, but the main challenge was to rescue a family of five hamsters.

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Oreo, Madonna and their three unnamed babies were stuck in a cage in a living room.

“Apparently they were married… The family had made a marriage certificate for Oreo and Madonna. It was pretty cute,” Hulse said.

“We have never done anything like that with hamsters, but we had to try,” Ryan Fox, a spokesman for the Lacey Fire Department said.

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