VIDEO: For the First Time Ever, McDonald’s Reveals How it’s Hamburgers Are Made

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VIDEO: For the First Time Ever, McDonald’s Reveals How it’s Hamburgers Are Made
 As a consumer, it’s your job to inform yourself about everything you buy, especially food. Though the government has put in place restrictions about what can and can’t be labeled as ‘food’, loop holes always seem to find a way of popping up, and no matter how many laws are created, there will always be something left out.

As far as healthy eating goes, McDonald’s probably sits at the lowest of the totem pole as seen by numerous lawsuits, documentaries,  and by reading the nutrition information listed on select packaging as well as the company’s website. Nevertheless, it’s not entirely as bad as people make it out to be. After fighting off numerous allegations of pink slime used in burger patties and chicken nuggets, McDonald’s has come clean by letting cameras into one of its facilities.

In this series titled “Our Food. Your Questions”, McDonald’s answers many of the rumors surrounding its products in a completely open way. They certainly don’t claim to be angels, owning up to such disgusting things as using one of the same chemicals in yoga mats to make their buns, but when it comes to their meat, it checks out to be pretty fresh. The dehydration process is what does a number on it (at least so says McDonald’s), and though it keeps it fresh longer, it also makes for some unsavory pictures of old food that refuses to go bad.

Grant Iwahara, a former Mythbuster, leads the charge in this video, so there might just be believable after all. Of course, we won’t state this myth as busted until we see the size of Grant’s paycheck.



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