Round One to the Veterans!!!

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The opening weekend of the 2012 NFL Playoffs featured 5 quarterbacks either being rookies or in their second year in the NFL. After one weekend, only one remains. The ride was epic as these “young guns” showcased for the last 18 weeks but now as many would have envisioned, the “Good Ol Boys” are left to blaze the championship trails. These veteran QBs include All-Universe Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers; as well as less playoff experienced, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Matt Schaub. The two remaining “Young Bucks” are Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernik and the reason that these two are left standing is easy to figure out, they are on teams with the leagues 2 best defenses. So, after a year when the fans were able to enjoy one of the top QB classes since 1983, we can look ahead to a bright future for these kids. But it has been proven once again, playoff success requires elite quarterback play and/or an outstanding defense…… Give it time “Young Guns”… You’ll get their.


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