The Angel Clark Show With Will McVay And Christopher Dillard Of Ron Paul Tribune – Episode 190 – 5/08/12

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Will McVay and Angel Clark talk about the 2012 Las Vegas Libertarian Convention & Chris Dillard of The Ron Paul Tribune talk about the history of how the Tribune got started.

Will McVay

About Will:

Will McVay, Libertarian

While there is no doubt that the Caesar Rodney District’s schools do very well for many of its students, it is important that someone serve on the School Board

Issue Video: Will McVay on South Park

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Christopher Dillard
Bio of Christopher Dillard

I was born on January 30, 1984 in Mount Kisco, New York and was moved to Punta Gorda, Florida when I was two years old. My interests include baseball, tennis, watching sports, collecting baseball memorabilia, trading stocks, watching performances, politics, and learning about the history of the world. When I was younger I started an Investment Club which was called R.Y.I. and stood for Redefining Your Investments. I attended Edison State College, but I have not completed my Associates Degree, however I do plan on getting my degree in business. Having never lost my interest for investing a few years ago I started a small business selling custom silicone bands online and locally, but unfortunately that venture was unsuccessful. Lately I have become very politically active and it has become my goal in life to promote the true freedom of information to the American citizens.

With the help of someone I had never met personally, I was introduced to another website designer, and within days my concept of Ron Paul Tribune came to fruition. The website was based on the idea that I, being a Ron Paul supporter, had not found a website that used RSS feeds to get breaking news information from sites like his official campaign website, the,,, and other similar websites. Without Joe and Jesse, the ideas for the website would have been just that, an idea. They have helped me bring my idea to life and now it is my goal to spread the word and let everyone know about the website. The website is about to be two weeks old and thanks to the social networking and live video additions many people have created accounts and have used the site not only to get the latest information about Ron Paul, but also to help spread other related information by having the ability to create their own articles on the website. Our goal is to help support the Ron Paul campaign by giving others the ability to provide information, which links back to the original websites articles, freely and without bias. The website has no advertising and is on a private network and hosting servers because we felt that it is of great importance for our users and their information to be safe and secure. We hope to be able to become a resource hub for those who are Ron Paul supporters and other individuals who are interested in getting unbiased information about Ron Paul.

I look forward to the future and I hope that I can continue to help Ron Paul Tribune expand its users base so that others may use the website to get the latest information. Having traded stocks and owned a business before it is unique for me as an individual to want to do something for free, but I do not want to make money off of the website. I do not think that it would be right to profit off Ron Paul or the liberty movement, so there will not be any advertising on the site. As we expand and continue to add more content it will be of the utmost importance that we do everything we can to never waiver from these standards we have set. I will continue to do everything that I can to help spread the words of liberty, and I am thankful that I can play a small role in this years elections.

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