The Angel Clark Show With Topher Fields Talking About The Little Government that Could -349 – 12/18/12

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Segment # 1

Angel Talks About Carolyn Fiddler’s Email Which Read.

I knew I should have saved the poem for later.

Anyway, breaking news out of Michigan: Gov. Snyder has vetoed legislation that would have permitted guns in schools and day cares and churches and such. He bravely let legislators make the announcement for him, as he initially shared news of the veto with state lawmakers via letter on Tuesday afternoon. This is the kind of bold stand we should expect from a man who rammed so-called ‘right to work’ bill through the legislature under pressure from rich donors, and then signed it into law behind closed doors.

No word yet if Snyder plans to veto another piece of child-endangering legislation, a bill that allows petting zoos to have bears.

Obviously, Gov. Snyder was under a ton of pressure to veto the bill after Friday’s violent tragedy in Newtown, CT. AFT sent him a letter on Sunday asking him to do just that. It’s nice to see he did the right thing, even if he didn’t seem particularly eager about it. The GOP lawmaker who sponsored the gun bill claims that Gov. Snyder planned to veto the bill all along, citing the legislature’s failure to include an opt-out clause.

Since Friday, Snyder’s been awfully quiet for a guy who had already made up his mind.

Anyway, below are some interesting election bills that have been introduced around the country that I came across earlier today.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. Also, watch out for bears.



Carolyn Fiddler
AFT Communications

Segment # 2

Update on NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel Missing in Syria

NBC Correspondent Richard Engel Has Been Freed From Kidnappers In Syria

Segment #3 -4

22 Stats That Prove That There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Young Men In America When are we finally going to admit that we have a very serious problem with this generation of young men in America? We have failed them so dramatically that it is hard to put it into words. We have raised an entire generation of young males that don’t know how to be men, and many of them feel completely lost. Sometimes they feel so lost that they “snap” in very destructive ways. Adam Lanza and James Holmes are two names that come to mind. Why is it that mass murderers are almost always young men? Why don’t young women behave the same way? Sadly, Adam Lanza and James Holmes are just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger problem in our society. Our young women vastly outperform our young men in almost every important statistical category. Young men are much more likely to perform poorly in school, they are much more likely to have disciplinary problems and they are much more likely to commit suicide. In the old days, our young men would gather in the streets or in the parks to play with one another after school, but today most of them are content to spend countless hours feeding their addictions to video games, movies and other forms of entertainment. When our young men grow up, many of them are extremely averse to taking on responsibility.

Segment #5-8

Topher Fields Talking About “The Little Government that Could” YouTube Video.

Topher tells a bed time story to the American people, from the perspective of the American government. The poor American government just wanted to grow up to be big and strong like the governments in Europe, but his mean Fathers wouldn’t let him. Follow this happy tale of how a little government made his dreams come true.

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