The Angel Clark Show With The Liberty Train Episode -356 – 12/27/12

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lighter meme

Segment #1 traffic light cameras more harm then good?

Segments 2 -4
37 things you should hoard – or is it 55? Who needs to buy a book when we have google?

Randomly checking emails today I came across a link that stated there were 37 thing I should hoard in case of emergency. We may have one or two snow storms this season so I clicked the link.

Sadly, there was nothing there. Apparently the author did not think the domain was worth hoarding…

I did a google search and found that the 37 things I wanted to look at was not a list, but a book. Although sales are obviously down I realized that there are a few things in case of emergency I don’t have.

IE – Are you stocked up when it come’s to your pet?

It had honestly never occurred to me to stock up on cat food… (maybe in part because I buy his food by tens of pounds)

They had some good points with the list though.

Segments 5-8 The Liberty Train on the Angel Clark Show with Michael RinoRemover talking about that dope.

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