The Angel Clark Show With Ron Miller of Atlantic Precious Metals LLC – Episode 191 – 5/09/12

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Ron Miller of Atlantic Precious Metals LLC (APM) joins the Angel Clark Show.

About Ron Miller

– Born and raised in the Baltimore, MD area

– Graduate of Towson University: Liberal Arts Degree

– 30 plus years in commercial insurance underwriting – including VP of a fortune 500 insurance company

– Started my own precious metals business – Atlantic Precious Metals LLC in February 2011

– Firm believer in Austrian Economics and Libertarian philosophy – A/K/A; A Rehabilitated Republican

– Believe US debt is at the crisis level making it critical that savers diversify into precious metals but they need to know how to do it the right way and unfortunately many dealers (including those with “conservative” talk show spokespeople), take advantage of folks, especially the elderly

– I sell bullion, not numismatics: Big difference between the two

– I service all types of customers but only 2-3% of public owns gold and silver so trying to educate and reach first time buyers

– Not a financial adviser but find it ironic that financial advisers stress diversification but only within the paper asset classes they make money off of (stocks, bonds and cash) and totally overlook the precious metals asset class. Point is I believe the average saver is extremely vulnerable to the creation of paper money to pay the public debt

– Book recommendations: Economics in One Lesson (Henry Hazlitt); What Has Government Done to Our Money (Murray Rothbard)

– New APM Product Offering: Buying Gold and Silver Bullion with Spot Price Limit Orders (think your audience will really be interested in this)

Atlantic Precious Metals LLC Website.



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