The Angel Clark Show With Morton Mayerson Of Americans Elect And Jesse McVay Joins Us – Episode 176 – 4/18/12

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Jesse McVay joins the Angel Clark Show to talk about his running for the Kent County Register of Wills. Plus the board of advisors of Americans Elect Morton Meyerson joins us.

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Jesse is 59 years old man and is a yo California native. He has lived in Delaware since 1999, spent 21 years in US Air Force as Dental Officer Retired at the end of 2000
and works part time as a dentist in two different private practices in Dover

Married, wife Mary Pat. Two grown children.
Will: Vice chair of Libertarian Party of Delaware, Chairman Kent County Libertarian Party, past and possibly future candidate, and currently at least, pebble in the shoe of the Delaware Republican Party.

Erin: Works for National Geographic and has no interest in politics.

Lifelong Republican until 2010 when I had an epiphany as a result of the financial meltdown and its aftermath. Joined the Libertarian Party and consider myself a Tea Party guy as well despite the bad onnotations promoted by the press

Currently registered Republican to support Ron Paul in Apr 24 primary

Running for Kent County Register of Wills as a Republican. Might change.
Ran in 2010 for Recorder of Deeds as Libertarian


About Morton Mayerson

Americans Elect Board of Advisors member Morton Meyerson is the acting Chairman and CEO of 2M Companies. Meyerson’s impressive career and ability to foster innovative technological systems and corporations makes him invaluable to Americans Elect’s innovative web platform. Meyerson has a history of supporting organizations and individuals striving to effect positive social change, so joining the Americans Elect Board was a natural fit for him.

Meyerson has experience working outside of the two-party system. In 1992, while he was President of Electronic Data Systems Inc., Meyerson acted as a special advisor to Ross Perot’s presidential campaign, one of the most notable independent campaigns in recent history. Meyerson then agreed to take Perot’s place as Chairman and CEO of Perot Systems. At Perot Systems, he helped to create a corporate culture that held employees accountable to their customers—a principle Meyerson believes should be brought back into the political sphere.

“I have always run my companies with the philosophy that the team is more important than the individual,” said Meyerson. “I have watched the US political system dissolve to favor candidates who only focus on special interests and re-election. Americans Elect is empowering voters to make presidential candidates responsible to those who really matter—the American people.”

In 2005, Meyerson was a recipient of The University of Texas Distinguished Alumnus Award. He was inducted into the Americans Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2007. Meyerson is the Director of ChaCha Search, Inc., Director of KDC Holdings, LLC, Chairman Emeritus of Altior, Inc., and Chairman Emeritus of E2M Partners. Meyerson serves on the board of the Dallas Symphony Association and the board of Encore Health Resources.


About Americans Elect

Americans Elect 2012 | The first direct presidential nomination

Americans Elect | Facebook

Americans Elect (@AmericansElect) on Twitter!/americanselect

Additionally here is an interview with Americans Elect rep. on the Angel Clark Show!/user/angelclark/americans_elect_on_radio_freedom_3

Will McVay and Rob Spicer of Americas Elect on Angel Clark


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