The Angel Clark Show With Mike Ridgeway – Episode 294 – 10/01/12

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Mike Ridgway is an election-integrity activist who has specialized on fighting to implement free and fair elections in Republican caucuses and conventions for more than a decade now. His initial focus was on ending longstanding corrupt practices in the caucuses and conventions of the Utah Republican Party.

Mike was the architect of one of the most important reforms to the rules of the national Republican Party ever adopted: the 2010 changes that substantially limited the use of winner-take-all primaries in the process of choosing the Republican presidential nominee.

Currently, Mike is working on two projects. One, called Operation Blowback, is intended to send a message to Mitt Romney, the Republican National Committee, and the officers of the state Republican Parties across America that we deplore the cheating and fraud perpetrated on a massive scale to artificially give advantage to Mitt Romney in his bid to secure the presidential nomination and that for this and other reasons, we will not be voting for Mitt Romney in the November election.

The second project will take a little more time but is just as important as it has to do with the rules that will govern Republican presidential processes for perhaps decades. Mike is attempting to spearhead a national movement to convince the RNC to vote to nullify the rules changes that were declared adopted in August in a very controversial vote on the convention floor in Tampa.

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