The Angel Clark Show With Ken Schortgen Of The Daily Economist Talking About The Fed Monetizing US Debt -Episode 164 – 3/29/12

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About Ken:

As a historian in his primary field of study, and an investor in the real world, Kenneth has a keen perspective on all facets of the financial world. He has owned his own business and corporation, and has been an investor in many different markets such as securities, real estate, currency trading, and international trusts. His desire is to provide you with the true understanding of markets and the economy, and to give you the information that will help you make your own decisions in these troubling, and quite often, fascinating times regarding your economic decisions. Kenneth is not a certified financial advisor, and his only goal is to give you true information, by which you can see things as they happen, and in many cases, before they happen.

The Daily Economist

Ken Schortgen Jr (@FinanceExaminer) on Twitter

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