The Angel Clark Show With Ken Schortgen and Gigi Bowman – Episode 342 – 12/07/12

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Segment 1
Anonymous Declares War On ‘Revenge Porn’ Founder Hunter Moore

The entrepreneur who has made a living hijacking people’s personal lives has fallen prey to an Internet attack on his own privacy.

Hunter Moore has launched two sites that let users post naked pictures of their exes or enemies.

Now computer hacker group Anonymous is fighting back with Operation Hunt Hunter, which aimed to “take down Hunter Moore,” the group said in a statement.

The hijack, which was first reported Thursday by BetaBeat, attacked Moore’s servers and his merchandise chain, and it defaced Moore’s site.

Anonymous claims to have evidence Moore that doesn’t verify he isn’t posting pictures of minors, as well as proof that Moore uses drugs and drinks and drives.


Segment #2 Gigi Bowman talks about 2012 Liberty Inspiration Award Sponsored by In honor of our 3rd Anniversary we are introducing the Liberty Inspiration Award.

This is an award that will be given yearly to 5 people who showed positive effort and energy throughout the year in spreading the message of liberty. They did not have to run for office but they did have to inspire other’s to step up or do something that helped to bring people together or enlighten other’s by growing the liberty movement in some manner by taking on a leadership role of some sort or by creating a new platform for inspiration whether it be media, news, music or just speaking out in some way that may have brought about positive change.

Rules: Please email your nominations to Express why you think they should receive this award. Each person can choose up to 3 people. The comments will be listed with the winning names (anonymously if you wish just tell me so). We will also list Honorable Mentions with our announcement.

Please send all submissions to the email only these will be counted not submissions listed on this event page or somewhere else.

The winners will be announced on January 1st 2013. Their names will be listed on the websites for a full year as “inspiring leaders of 2012. Submissions can be sent beginning 11/29/12 and will continue through December 30th 2012.

The award will go to the Top 5 vote-getters.

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2DayFM, Australian Station Behind Kate Middleton Prank Call Hoax, Says It Broke No Laws * Nurse who took phone call at hospital committed suicide

* Hospital treating Prince William’s pregnant wife at time

* Radio hosts off the air, say they “completely shattered”

* Hoax stirs debate on ethical standards in Australia media

* Two major companies suspend advertising on 2DayFM station

By Morag MacKinnon

PERTH, Australia, Dec 8 (Reuters) – The Australian radio station behind a prank phone call to a London hospital that was treating Prince William’s pregnant wife Kate said on Saturday it had done nothing wrong and no one could have foreseen the tragic outcome.

There has been renewed soul-searching over media ethics after Jacintha Saldanha, 46, the nurse who was duped by the station’s call to the King Edward VII hospital, was found dead on Friday in a suspected suicide.

The hoax, in which the radio hosts – posing as Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles despite Australian accents – successfully inquired after Kate’s medical condition, has made worldwide headlines.

On Saturday, Australians from Prime Minister Julia Gillard to people in the street expressed their sorrow and cringed at how the hoax had crossed the line of acceptability.

Two large companies suspended their advertising from the popular Sydney-based station and a media watchdog said it would speak with 2DayFM’s owners. Users of social media sites such as Twitter expressed outrage.


Supreme Court Considers Same-Sex Marriage

Every year, the Supreme Court decides which cases it will hear, and often takes on controversial issues when it is clear that lower courts, Congress and state laws are confused about how different laws relate to America’s founding legal document, the Constitution.

In the case of gay marriage, the justices will hear two cases. One challenges part of a law passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton, the Defense of Marriage Act that gives tax and other benefits only to marriages between a man and a woman.

The other case disputes California’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, adopted by voters as referendum Proposition 8 in 2008. It was challenged on grounds that gay citizens have the same constitutional right to marry as heterosexuals.

To date, 37 U.S. states have passed constitutional amendments or statutes that define marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman, whereas nine states and the District of Columbia recognize gay marriage.


Ken Schortgen of the Daily Economist joins us for Fridays Economic Round Up.

Ken Schortgen joins The Angel Clark Show every Friday from 5 – 7pm EST.

About Ken:

As a historian in his primary field of study, and an investor in the real world, Kenneth has a keen perspective on all facets of the financial world. He has owned his own business and corporation, and has been an investor in many different markets such as securities, real estate, currency trading, and international trusts. His desire is to provide you with the true understanding of markets and the economy, and to give you the information that will help you make your own decisions in these troubling, and quite often, fascinating times regarding your economic decisions. Kenneth is not a certified financial advisor, and his only goal is to give you true information, by which you can see things as they happen, and in many cases, before they happen.

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