The Angel Clark Show With Jeremy Adams – Episode 184 – 4/30/12

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Jeremy Adams joins the Angel Clark Show

About Jeremy Adams

Jeremy D. Adams, Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran, life-long conservative Republican, constructionist constitutionalist, pro-Austrian economics, pro-life, 2nd & 10th amendment and individual liberties champion filed on Friday 2/24 for his candidacy for North Carolina House District 6.

The number one issue? Get government out of our lives! I’m a regular guy who wants to help other regular guys and we want to be left alone.

The government belongs to the people, the people do not belong to the government.

Young people especially have more to fear from a poorly managed over-reaching government. When we amass massive debt & inflation and then don’t intend to pay it back or fix it, the younger generations are left cleaning up the mess.

We cannot use our own beaches, our commercial fisherman are in danger of exinction, we are taxed to death, and we have more to fear from the police state then ever before!

Deliberate mis-education, a reduction in studying the principles of individual and economic liberty and a complete attitude of apathy has created a situation where our liberties have been systematically reduced. We are at a turning point in the history of our nation where we may soon lose what liberty is left and to save the Constitution will require a tremendous revolution of thought and subsequent action.

It is not too late to learn about liberty, why we have it and how we are losing it. If we can get the message out, spend a little time teaching our neighbors, family and friends about the principles that make us free, then we may be able to turn the current course of this nation off its path to depotism and destruction back to the greatest nation on earth.

I am excited to bring forth in this campaign, through a coalition of liberty minded patriots and freedom orientated organizations, a plan to bring the revolution of thought to eastern North Carolinians. Friends teaching friends about liberty and economics. Using media and word of mouth to help people understand why our founders chose the route they did, and while not perfect, were able to give us a system that provides the most amount of freedom to seek after happiness. That system can only be protected with understanding and education of its citizens.

Be on the look out for future short webisodes to break through the misconceptions about economics, how economic public policies that seem to give a benefit to one often times create negative results for all, and what how we can get government to get out of the way so that We the People can create a better North Carolina for everyone.

It is time for a true revolution of thought and a return to love, liberty and prosperity!


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