The Angel Clark Show With Henry Juszkiewicz (CEO of Gibson) Talking About The Gibson Guitar Raid

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On the docket: Henry Juszkiewicz CEO of Gibson Guitars joins us, Domino’s, Baggy Pants, Laws that Don’t Exist, and of course, Hacking.

Henry E. Juszkiewicz, Gibson Raid Press Conference, Aug. 25, 2011

Last week, heavily armed federal agents raided two guitar manufacturing facilities in Tennessee owned by Gibson — one in Nashville, another in Memphis. The feds were not acting on a tip that an al Qaeda cell was holed up in the buildings; or that Mexican drug cartel gangs were lurking inside. It was actually something far more serious; far more serious, that is, to a bunch of federal bureaucrats with nothing better to do.

Gibson Guitars

Peter Schiff Radio 9/1/11 Gibson Guitars CEO Henry Juszkiewicz


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