The Angel Clark Show With Elsebeth Schoenberger– Episode 275 – 8/04/12

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Denmark is renowned for the resistance shown to the Nazi’s during their WWII occupation of this country, which is a fascinating example of bravery and determination against tyranny.

In her new book, BIRGITTE’S WAR: A Novel of the Danish Resistance (Silverado Books, November 2011), Danish born author Elsebeth Schoenberger gives us an inside look at what it was like to be an adolescent living in an occupied country during WWII. One moment, Birgitte Holm is sitting at her school desk in a peaceful little town of Denmakr, and the next second she hears tanks rumbling in the distance, and the sky becomes dark with war planes. In the blink of an eye, Hitler seizes her town and forces it into submission, but Birgitte and her fellow citizens are far from giving up. Though only 15 years old, Birgitte is gripped by the biggest decision of her life – should we submit to aggression…or stand and fight for what we believe in?

BIRGITTE’S WAR is drawn from the author’s own experience in her native Denmark, and extensive research into the time period and war. It is a rich addition to the literature of out time, and it issues a clarion call that says, “Never Again. Please God, Never Again.”

About The Author:
Elsebeth Schoenberger was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, but moved to Randers, the setting of the book, just before the beginning of World War II. On April 9, 1940, she watched Hitler’s army march into her country and take control of her town. These still vivid memories and the events that followed form the basis for the action in “Birgitte’s War.” After the war, Elsebeth trained as a journalist and later moved to the United States. She studied at the University of Chicago before moving west to Los Angeles, where she studied at the University of California. She later received a Master’s Degree in English Literature. Elsebeth now lives and writes in northern California.

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