The Angel Clark Show With Donald Meinshausen – Episode 83 – 12/7/11

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Tonight’s Docket: YOU TAKE DOWN YOUR CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS RIGHT NOW! (Says the Govt), a 9 yr old is sexually harassing, & Donald Meinshausen joins us!

About Donald Meinshausen
I am one of the founders of the libertarian movement. I organized the draft card burning at the 1969 YAF convention which is regarded by many as the modern day beginnig of the movement. i learned my economics by reading Hazlitt, going to Ayn Rand lectures and at Murray Rothbard’s knee. I put my economics and my paganism into practice by helping those attain ancient, historically and scientifically proven means to attain creativity, therapy and spiritual enlightenment even though it was forbidden. Among my clients were Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and Karl Hess all of them psychedelic pagan libertarians who I helped arrange events and lectures for. I have just been released from federal and state prison for conspiracy to commit capitalism and heretical interpretation of the First Amendment. I told my judge that MDMA should be legal and he gave me the minamum sentence. I write libertarian strategy, fundraising ideas, drug war analysis and humor. Even in prison I wrote all this on a government computer although it was breaking the rules. On with the revolution!


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