The Angel Clark Show With Colonel Dave McIntyre About His New Book “CENTERLINE” – Episode 325 – 11/14/12

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Angel Clark Talks With Colonel Dave McIntyre About His New Book CENTERLINE.

Dave McIntyre graduated from West Point and spent thirty years in the United States Army, retiring as a Colonel. His time was divided between duty with airborne and armored reconnaissance units, and writing and teaching strategy.
He also taught composition and literature at West Point. He retired as the Dean of Faculty and Academics at the National War College.
In the last ten years, he has been deputy director of a national think tank, director of a graduate program at a nationally ranked university, and host for four years of a weekly radio program on homeland security broadcast in Texas and Washington, DC. He has taught graduate courses at the National War College, George Washington University, Texas A&M University, the University of Texas, the National Graduate School, and Colorado Technical University.

As a specialist in teaching national strategy and homeland security, he has been interviewed by U.S. and foreign media more than 700 times since 9/11, and has hosted 900 interviews of his own. He has made hundreds of presentations before a broad range of audiences, and testified before Congress on strategic issues. He was a military speechwriter for six years, and is presently a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute, and at the Bipartisan WMD Terrorism Research Center, both in Washington, DC.
His most recent publications include:

• Strategies and Methods for Informing Risk Management: An Alternative Perspective (a white paper on Risk Analysis for the Department of Homeland Security)

• National Report Card on Biopreparedness for the WMD Center

• Business Continuity and Homeland Security, Vol. I, coauthored/edited with Mr. William Hancock

Dr. McIntyre has:

• A BS in Engineering from the United States Military Academy

• An MA in English and American Literature from Auburn University

• A PhD in Political Science from the University of Maryland



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