The Angel Clark Show With Arvin Vohra “The Equation for Excellence” – Episode 179 – 4/23/12

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Arvin Vohra joins the Angel Clark Show to talk about his book The Equation for Excellence.

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Math Author Arvin Vohra, The Equation for Excellence

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About Arvin

Arvin Vohra is an edu­ca­tor and entre­pre­neur who was born and raised in Mary­land. His com­pa­nies include Arvin Vohra Edu­ca­tion, Mind Sculp­tor Soft­ware, and His book, The Equa­tion for Excel­lence: How to Make Your Child Excel at Math, has been pub­lished in both the United States and China, and has been fea­tured on Chan­nel 9 News. Before start­ing his own busi­ness, he stud­ied Math­e­mat­ics and Eco­nom­ics at Brown Uni­ver­sity, and then worked as an actuary.


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