The Angel Clark Show Talking About Homeland Security Building A $4 billion 170-acre Complex

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Segment #1,2,and 3. Homeland Security is building a $4 billion 170-acre complex for 17,000 employees The US Department of Homeland Security, despite budget cuts and construction delays, is planning to add 17,000 employees into its consolidated headquarters in southeast Washington. The department broke ground at their new headquarters in 2009 and was originally scheduled for completion in 2016. The new complex is now scheduled for completion in 2022. Read More


Segment 4 Katt Williams slapped a Target employee in the face after fleeing the police Katt Williams, the controversial comedian, may soon be charged with numerous offenses after he led police on a chase and then had an altercation last Sunday at Target in Sacramento, Calif where video footage shows him slapping an employee in the face. Williams allegedly got into trouble with local police after he “drove his three-wheeled motorbike on a sidewalk and led police on a chase that was later called off to protect bystanders”. Williams led the police on a low-speed chase, hitting a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour. Williams was not arrested at the scene, but will reportedly be charged with felony evading arrest charges.
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Segment 7 Glenn Beck Puts Obama In ‘Urine,’ Makes ‘Obama In Pee Pee’ Art Piece It was a slow news day on Tuesday, and so Glenn Beck decided to put a bobblehead figurine of President Obama inside a jar of his own urine — or “urine,” as the liquid must accurately be labeled.

The stunt was preceded by a tour through art history, as Beck, with velvet blazer and a pipe clenched in his teeth, pointed out that the medium has always been controversial and even featured nudity, like in the Sistine Chapel. And the First Amendment gives people the right to make scandalous art, right? Then he painted over nude images while speaking in a French accent, because it was Tuesday, we guess.

The hook to all of this was a Boston artist who painted Obama being crucified. Beck said he didn’t like the painting, but he wanted to support the artist’s right to do it. So he unveiled what he called “Obama in Pee Pee,” which was just about what it sounded like — except that Obama was in a jar filled with beer, technically, making it a whole lot less shocking. Beck said he would sell it on his website for $25,000.Read More

Final Segment Bazooka Joe gets downsized Say goodbye to the Bazooka Joe comic. We’ll miss those goofy jokes wrapped around the rock-hard Bazooka bubble gum from our childhoods.

Bazooka Joe’s comic strip is leaving bubble gum land, shuttered into semi-retirement as kids nowadays have little recognition for the character or his humor. Bazooka bubble gum is in the midst of a massive overhaul, and will now come in redesigned packaging that looks modern and interesting and not at all like the simple red, white and blue wrappers of the past.

Bazooka’s owner, Topps, is trying to figure out what to do now that U.S. sales of bubble gum have popped. Sales are likely dropping to $207 million this year from $332 million in 2007, The New York Times reports. For Bazooka, the numbers are extremely grim: Sales are pegged at just $8.8 million this year, a 48% drop from 2007. READ MORE

Bradley Manning’s Trial Postponed as His Pre-Trial Confinement Takes Center Stage Pfc Bradley Manning’s trial, which had been set to begin on February 4, will now begin, at the soonest, on March 16, according to Military judge Colonel Denise Lind, because arguments over his harsh pre-trial confinement are ongoing, the Guardian reports:

ManningLind is currently hearing evidence relating to restrictions placed on Manning during a nine month stint in military cells in Quantico, Virginia. Defence lawyers have claimed that the extreme custodial regime he was placed under – which included being confined to a 6ft-by-8ft cell for all but 20 minutes every day and being deprived of his clothes at night – amounted to unlawful pre-trial punishment.


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