The Angel Clark Show LIVE From Porc Fest 2012 Darryl Perry, Corey Moore of Ron Paul Radio, Ben Stone, Ki Vick Of Bad Quaker, Benjamin Powell – Episode 224 – 6/25/12

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Live from PorcFest 2012, it’s The Angel Clark Show!

This is Friday’s episode and featured:
Corey Moore
None of the Above
Darryl Perry and the LAVA Awards
Ben Powell
Ben Stone of Bad Quaker
Ki Vick of Bad Quaker


About Ben Powell

Benjamin Powell is Senior Fellow at The Independent Institute, Associate Professor of Economics at Suffolk University, and President of the Association of Private Enterprise Education. Dr. Powell received his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University and his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. He has been assistant professor of economics at San Jose State University, a fellow with the Mercatus Center’s Global Prosperity Initiative, and a visiting research fellow with the American Institute for Economic Research.


About Bad Quaker is a web site owned and managed by the friends, family, and supporters of Ben Stone.
Ben Stone, by his own admission, is a bad Quaker. We at believe anyone can be a bad Quaker, if you try hard enough.
Below, you will find an explanation of Bad Quaker written by Ben Stone.


Corey Moore of Ron Paul Radio


Darryl Perry

Free Patriot Press is an independent alternative media / publishing company, founded by Darryl W. Perry in June 2009, with the mission of “ensuring a FREE PRESS for the FREEDOM MOVEMENT” and to also give new authors an avenue for publishing freedom oriented material.
FPP welcomes any author committed to the Freedom Movement, if interested in writing for FPP please contact Darryl W. Perry at



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