The Angel Clark Show Jason Greene & Jordon Greene “Liberty Candidates” – Episode 86 – 12/10/11

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Tonight’s Docket: Savage’s offer to Gingrich, Jordon Greene joins us, Jason Greene joins us & more!

Jordon Greene for NC House

Jordon Greene is a Republican candidate for NC State House in District 87 (Caldwell County). Jordon is challenging nine-term incumbent Rep. Starnes for the

Tonight we start off with Jordon Greene – who is running for North Carolina’s State House of Representatives (District 87)

Jordon M. Greene was born in Beaufort, South Carolina in a military family while his father served his last years in the United States Marines Corps. While Jordon was still a toddler his family moved back to their hometown in Lenoir, North Carolina in the Collettsville area where he resides today.

Jordon is a self-employed web designer, sales associate at a local retailer and a volunteer election law advocate. Jordon received his B.A. in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2011. As a recent university graduate, Jordon understands how foreboding today’s job market is and can see the need for reform to allow job growth in our state for the current and future generations. He understands that government cannot create jobs, but rather should foster a business friendly environment where the free-market can flourish.

As a political activist who believes that every voice is important Jordon saw the need for an organization to educate North Carolinians about our state’s election law problems and to push for much needed legislative reforms to ensure legitimate elections in North Carolina. In 2008, Jordon organized Free the Vote North Carolina, a free-market based election law reform organization of which he currently serves as President. Jordon’s organization is responsible for the formation of a sixteen-member coalition from across the political spectrum in support of common sense election law legislation to expand voter choice and restore the people’s voice.

Jordon, a constitutional conservative, is a strong proponent of individual liberty and restoring government to its limited constitutional proportions. As a young adult, Jordon understands the importance of getting back to constitutional government and the free-market to ensure that his generation and those to follow can inherit a more free and prosperous North Carolina, not the burdens of the previous generation. Jordon believes that his deep conviction in and adherence to the principles of individual liberty, the free-market and our state and national constitutions will allow him to provide a needed voice in Raleigh for the people of Caldwell County.

Jordon is a member of Temple Baptist Church in Lenoir, where he helps with the sound equipment and regularly attends his church’s scripture publishing ministry. Jordon is a supporter of conservative organizations that emphasis individual liberty and limited government such as the Campaign for Liberty, the John Locke Foundation and Americans for Prosperity.

Jordon asks for your support and your vote on May 8, 2012 in the Republican Party’s Primary Election for State House.

Associations & Memberships
» Free the Vote North Carolina, President of the Board & Founder
» North Carolina Political Science Association, Member
» Gun Owners of America, Member
» Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, Member
» North Carolina Student Legislature, Alumni (74th Legislative Year, UNC Charlotte Delegation)
» Temple Baptist Church of Lenoir, Member

After that we will talk with Jason Greene – who is running for U.S House of Representatives in Missouri.

I consider myself a different type of candidate, one who is not part of a political party establishment and not one who fits within the confines of the traditional party lines. My liberty based principles come before my party affiliation or label. I hope you take a moment to learn more about who I am as an individual and my solutions to the troubling challenges facing our district and great nation.

Life-Long 5th District Citizen

I was born and raised in South Kansas City, graduating from Hickman Mills High School. I believe that the experiences I shared along my neighbors during this time provided great insight to the challenges facing our urban citizens. My wife Kristin and I attend Colonial Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, where recently we were married. I feel personally invested within the urban and surrounding rural community. I believe as citizens of the heartland, we have great determination and resolve to better our current situation and Restore America’s Promise.

College Education

I completed my undergraduate degree in Social Science Education from Northwest Missouri State University where I met my wife Kristin. During this time I was involved in several organizations and philanthropies. Such organizations were Phi Delta Theta, College Republicans and student tutoring. In addition, during this time, I received the opportunity to work under the Department of Veteran Affairs with the National Veterans Business Development Corporation, finding new ways to support our veterans and honor their sacrifice. Living and working within a rural community while completing my undergraduate degree, provided me with a great contrast to urban life. This opportunity helped me better understand rural perspectives and challenges.

After returning to Kansas City, I began and finished my graduate work within Political Science from the University of Missouri Kansas City. During this time, I focused my work on the influence of international and domestic economies within the political sphere. My belief in liberty and free market solutions were even further solidified after observing and examining the economic and political harms of statist government institutions.

Career and Why I’m Seeking Office

For the past several years, I have taught Social Studies and coached within the Raytown community. I enjoy my career immensely, and that is in part why I am seeking office. From my perspective as an educator, I have witnessed many harms of good intended federal policy leaving very little or no results. An invisible ceiling on families leaving them nothing but hope, lack of educational or employment opportunity for parents and their children. A destruction of constitutional liberty in the name of political convenience have all left me to wonder not only what kind of America will there be for our children, but if America will lead the 21st century.

For far too long, special interests have muzzled the people’s voice in this great nation. Small businesses and the middle class are being squeezed by regulations that benefit corporate America and the Washington elite. In order for America to move forward, we need new voices to stand up and fight for sound economic growth and liberty. I believe that I have the ability, knowledge and passion to represent this change in Washington.


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