The Angel Clark Show I just got fired THROUGH Facebook – Episode 103 – 1/04/12

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Yes, you read that correctly, I just got fired through Facebook. Not because of something I said on Facebook (as has happened) but through a Facebook message.

I can understand wanting to “take your programming in a different direction”, but is there a reason why employees no longer deserve a even a phone call when you cut off their income with no warning?

Talk radio is a competitive field (as I have also learned through Facebook)…

but I would expect some kind of professional behavior when actually terminating someone’s employment as opposed to simply changing their schedule around.

Why am I publishing this? I’m upset, believe that, and I may regret hitting the “Publish” button after I do, but I want every business owner out there to know that firing someone THROUGH A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE is extremely insulting.

I have worked for WGMD for almost a year without missing a single scheduled day. I was electrocuted on the air when the station was struck by lightening, I completed a 5 hour show with no phone lines and ringing ears because I couldn’t reach anyone higher up on the “totem poll” to tell me what to do. My boss answered one text message, but then ignored his cell phone. I worked Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. I’m not whining, I just think I should have AT LEAST gotten a phone call. READ MORE

Tonight’s Docket: Fired THROUGH Facebook, You won’t believe some of the things you need to an ID for now, Bachmann drops out, & more!


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