Texas votes for George Bush once again

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Texas Land Commissioner-elect George P. Bush (Erich Schlegel / Getty Images / AFP)

George Bush won statewide office in Texas again. But he’s not the former president, and he’s not the governor-elect. George Prescott Bush will become the next state land commissioner after a landslide victory.

Bush won the office with nearly 60 percent of the vote, AFP reported. The Texas land commissioner,“oversees matters that range from state lands and coastal issues to veterans affairs,” according to the official website ‒ including lucrative mineral rights for oil and gas in the state. The money is used to fund public schools in the Lone Star State.

“Our top job here at the General Land Office is to earn money for the school kids of Texas,” outgoing Commissioner Jerry Patterson said in a statement last month, announcing that the oil boom had helped pump a record $1 billion into the fund during fiscal 2014, according to the Texas Tribune.

The 38-year-old is the nephew of former President George W. Bush, grandson of ex-President George H. W. Bush and son of potential presidential candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. (George P. told ABC News last month that he believes his father will “more than likely” run for president in 2016.)

“I could not be prouder of George. He ran a great campaign, built his own first-rate team, united a broad and winning coalition and presented a clear vision for the future of Texas,” his father Jeb said in a statement. “He’s going to be an incredible Texas Land Commissioner!”

Bush is a lawyer who has managed an oil and gas investment firm. His résumé also includes a year teaching high school history to at-risk students in Florida, co-founder of a private equity firm (as well as the energy firm) in Texas and a tour in Afghanistan while in the Navy Reserves, according to the Washington Post.

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