Syrian rebels use child to behead prisoner as West covertly funds terror group

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December 10, 2012 By: Kenneth Schortgen Jr

On Dec. 10, Jihad Watch posted a new video submitted by anonymous Syrian rebels showing a child being tasked with beheading a captured prisoner. These rebels, which were covertly funded by NATO and the CIA earlier this year, and are in current negotiations with France and Britain to continue funding their struggle to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, contain many elements that are on U.S. and Western Islamic terror watch lists.

France has emerged as the most prominent backer of Syria’s armed opposition and is now directly funding rebel groups around Aleppo as part of a new push to oust the embattled Assad regime.

Large sums of cash have been delivered by French government proxies across the Turkish border to rebel commanders in the past month, diplomatic sources have confirmed. The money has been used to buy weapons inside Syria and to fund armed operations against loyalist forces. – Guardian

WARNING HIGHLY VIOLENT AND GRAPHIC – Syrian rebels use child to behead prisoner

This funding of Syrian rebels and elements of Al-Qeada by France in recent days, is now being joined by Britain as the potential for WMD escalation increases in the al-Assad government.

A plan to provide military training to the Syrian rebels fighting the Assad regime and support them with air and naval power is being drawn up by an international coalition including Britain, The Independent has learnt.

The prospect of Western intervention comes as opposition groups, which have been disorganised and divided, at long last formed an umbrella political group and a command structure for their militias. Their foreign backers are said to believe that the 22-month-long civil war has now reached a tipping point and it has become imperative to offer help to the revolutionaries to enable them to make a final push against the regime. – The UK Independent

Since the Benghazi fiasco, and death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya before the recent election, many Americans have been wondering where the Syrian rebels have gotten their military arms and funding. Much of these arms have actually been funneled by NATO and the CIA through channels created after the fall of Egypt and the Arab Spring movements, and in many instances, the U.S. is choosing to work with groups that have been designated terror groups since 9/11. Read More

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