Stephen Collins’ TV Salaries Revealed In $14 Million Divorce Documents Amid Molestation Scandal

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New details have emerged from “7th Heaven” star Stephen Collins and wife Faye Grant’s divorce in wake of sexual molestation allegations which surfaced Tuesday in a shocking new report. The accusations lodged against the actor could affect his $14 million divorce.

In the divorce documents as well as response documents obtained by TheWrap, Grant claimed he had been carrying on a ”secret life”and had a long term pattern of “sexually molesting children.” The papers also detail the potential financial impact of the allegations in the divorce, and includes revelations about his recent earnings on “Revolution,” “Devious Maids,” “Scandal” and “The Fosters.”

Following the breakdown of their 27-year marriage, the couple’s combined assets are $14 million, of which Grant was seeking half. However, according to a TMZ report published Wednesday Grant wants almost all of it, and sources claim the actor has accused her of using the child molestation allegations for monetary gain.

In the divorce documents, Grant claims Collins has “greater earning capacity than she does,” stating:

  • He typically earned around $1 million to $3 million per year throughout their marriage.
  • For his role on “Revolution,” his contract assured 10 episodes guaranteed pay or play at $40,000 per episode (i.e. $400,000 guaranteed with the potential to earn $880,000 for a full 22 episode season).
  • For “Devious Maids,” he earned $64,939 for six episodes.
  • For ”Scandal,” he earned $7,682 for one episode (from which Collins’ since have since been cut, as previously reported on TheWrap).
  • For “The Fosters,” he earned $5,500 for one episode in 2013.

In the response, Collins listed his average monthly earnings after business expenses as $15,800.

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