Russian senators cancel official US visit, plan to cut links with ‘hostile’ EU states

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Federation Council meeting. (RIA Novosti/Vladimir Fedorenko)

Russia’s Federation Council will boycott a scheduled business roundtable with US Senators next month, and has voiced intentions to stop co-operation with all sanction-supporting EU parliaments.

The decision by members of the upper house to stay away from the October 14-15 summit in New York was voiced by the Council’s International Affairs Committee to Izvestia newspaper. The forum was to give leading politicians and businessmen the chance to discuss “market conditions, complicated geopolitical relationships, and regulatory developments in Russia.”

“Inter-parliamentary relations with the US have never been great. And today attempts to respond to any opportunity to suddenly say hello to Americans appear to be inappropriate after our former colleague – a senator, who today leads the US – described the Ebola virus as the world’s threat No. 1, and Russia as threat No. 2,” said the deputy chairman of the committee, Andrey Klimov, referring to a recent speech by Barack Obama.

Klimov said that Russian parliamentarians would not be barred from holding individual meetings with US officials.

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