Miracle Dog Named Lazarus Survives Euthanasia Attempt

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Dog Survives Euthanasia Attempt

Animal control officer Wanda Snell knows what she saw: A veterinarian inserted a needle into the black-and-brown mutt and injected a chemical meant to euthanize the dog no one had adopted. The animal moved a bit and was still and quiet by the time she left the shelter for home. 

What Snell can’t explain is how or why a mixed-breed dog that nobody wanted recovered overnight and has since bounced back fully from what should have been a lethal injection. 

Less than a month later, the dog lives with a family in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, where the animal romps and plays with another rescue dog. His survival seemed all the more surprising since the same dog had already been struck by a car before arriving at the Ozark City Animal Shelter. 

A rescue worker who retrieved the roughly 4-year-old male dog after the failed procedure named him “Lazarus,” after the man the Bible says Jesus brought back to life. Snell has another name for that escape artist of a dog. “I call him Houdini,” she said. 

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