How To Prevent Fires In Your House Or Studio.

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By Mark Persons on 11.29.2012

We have all seen examples of the “Shortcut Hall of Shame.” And to some degree, we have contributed our own. We take these shortcuts to save time — installing gear carelessly, running wires on a floor — but we end up facing liability or otherwise wishing we’d done the project right to begin with.

In this story, the names have been deleted to protect the guilty.

Consider the person who taped cables to a floor and routed them through a doorway. The wires included a 120 VAC extension cord. This is a fire hazard, to say the least. Who could condone such an act?

The State of Minnesota enacted a law requiring contractors and broadcast engineers to be licensed as low-voltage electricians; I wrote an article about this for the April 11, 2001, edition of Radio World. It was a hassle to become licensed and later renew my contractor’s license at a cost of about $500 a year.

However, there is a bright side. In learning the National Electric Code, I came to appreciate fully the reasoning behind neat and safe wiring installations. Eight hours of required continuing education each year helped cement in my mind what is right and what is wrong. This includes code issues on which an electrical inspector might take a client station to task.

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