Here’s What Happen When A Citizen Attempts to Ticket Cop

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Steve McClain Attempts to Arrest Detroit Cop

12-9-2012 next court date Southgate court 12-14-2012 9.00 AM Latest update, 11-14-12, Failure to appear may result in a warrant being issued against me……. 10-17-12, 12 miles south of Detroit. I have absolutely have had it with our thug Government. I was about to make a right turn apx. 1 mile east of this altercation, when the light turned green this police vehicle took off at a very high rate of speed. No lights, no sirens ( you or I would possibly be charged with reckless driving ). This is a K-9 unit, I assume there is a dog in the rear of this vehicle and would be subject to possible injuries. That got my attention and I then thought I better follow him…….. Last week close to this area there was a seat belt sting set up, signs were set up to warn drivers, and a cop hiding behind bushes. MI. law enforcement are not EXEMPT from MI. seat belt laws. Look it up, or call your police dept.


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