Get the Powerball jackpot winning numbers here

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Americans around the country have waited around their televisions, tickets in hand. People have flocked to the internet to check their tickets. Facebook fan pages have posted images of their tickets as marketing ploys. Finally, the numbers have come out. Wednesday night’s winning Powerball numbers are 5, 16, 22, 23, 29, and 6.

The jackpot of $550 million has had people standing in lines for hours to purchase tickets. Everywhere people go, they talk about what they would do if they won the jackpot. $550 million would completely change any person’s life.

Powerball has not announced whether someone has actually won the Wednesday night drawing, or if they had there are too many people on the website to get the answers. The site is overloaded and down. Previously officials had stated there was a 75% chance a winner would be drawn on Wednesday night. This is the second largest Powerball jackpot in its history. In March, the Mega Millions awarded a prize of $656 million in what was called “the largest lottery prize in the history of the solar system”. READ MORE


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