Fox News Is Taking Karl Rove Off The Air

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New York’s Gabriel Sherman reports that Fox News is scaling back airtime for Republican pundit Karl Rove, in what appears to be a reprimand for Rove’s meltdown during the network’s live election broadcast.

Sources told Sherman that Fox News chief Roger Ailes has ordered his staff to bench Rove and his fellow GOP pundit Dick Morris, two of the network’s most vocal partisan voices whose predictions turned out to be spectacularly wrong. According to Sherman, producers must now get permission before booking Rove or Morris on Fox shows.



2 thoughts on “Fox News Is Taking Karl Rove Off The Air

  1. Good. But FOX is doing this almost a month too late. Shoulda happened on 11/7/12. I’ve even blocked emails from Rove & Morris & have switched FNC off whenever either of them has made an appearance on FOX. The best was when Morris tried to explain why he was wrong & how he had “miscounted” anticipate voter turnout – a shameless ploy to rescue his credibility so he can sell books. ROVE is just a RINO hack & Morris is a self important blowhard. Frankly – My news intake has been cut way back & my time watching FOX News has been reduced to Brett’s 6PM newscast.

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