Fantasy Football Focused Radio w/ Former NFL scout Russ Lande and Big Ten Network scouting correspondent

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On the show today, we talked about the upcoming matchups of week 17 especially the Dallas/Washington match up. We also welcomed Russ Lande to the show, who gave us great information on upcoming prospects for the 2013 NFL Draft. He is now with the working on their scouting page, but also is on the Big Ten Network discussing the draft and players within college football. I believe Russ Lande puts out the most accurate information for the 2013 NFL Draft, because he use to scout for the NFL teams such as the Cleveland Browns and St. Louis Rams. We also discussed fantasy adds for the week and our betting picks for the week.

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NFL Draft Expert for GM Jr. Scouting & The Sporting News

Russ is currently the Sporting News NFL Draft Expert and President and Founder of For the Sporting News, Lande is responsible for writing NFL insider content, providing detailed scouting reports on college players and posting an ongoing mock draft in the “War Room” leading up to the NFL Draft. Before working for Sporting News, Lande served as a College Scout and Blesto Representative for the Cleveland Browns for three years covering the mid-west region while evaluating all eligible prospects for the NFL Draft. His responsibilities included evaluating all eligible players at over 70 Midwest colleges and managing the pro-day process at over fifty colleges. Prior to that he spent four years at the St. Louis Rams as Scouting Administrator.
Russ and his staff of scouts cover games over the entire US analyzing and ranking the top 600 players available every year for the NFL Draft. Russ appears regularly on radio and television, including ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports, and The NFL Today Show.

Lande is also the author of the annual “GM Jr Draft Guide” which has been called the most comprehensive, unique and thorough NFL Draft Guide ever written and made available to the fans and scouts of the NFL.

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You will enjoy learning from Russ and from his extensive skills and experience as a scout in the NFL. He has an unmatched ability to evaluate quality NFL players and is well known throughout the league. Whether you are an NFL junkie, want to make a career in the NFL, or just want to learn the techniques to evaluate football talent, the Football GM and Scouting Course will fuel your football passion.
Read more about Russ Lande on his website:

Read Russ’s Sporting News Blog

“Russ Lande has an acute and intuitive approach to player evaluation. His combination of a very good work ethic and passion for evaluating and projecting players into the NFL is significant and well respected throughout the league. His insight is in-depth and devoid of hesitation.”
Thomas Dimitroff, General Manager, Atlanta Falcons

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