Family of Murdered Benghazi SEAL Launches Lawsuit Against Obama

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Family of Murdered Benghazi SEAL Launches Lawsuit Against Obama

According to the Washington Times, the family of Glen Doherty tried to solve their issues with the Obama administration outside of the courts, but there was no working with them. So, now they are suing the State Department and the CIA for a million dollars each:

Barbara Doherty, Glen’s mother, said that the family had resorted to litigation “reluctantly … now proceeding to pursue those legal avenues open to us,” according to the report.

Not surprisingly, neither federal agency chose to comment on the lawsuit.

Barbara Doherty said her son was a hero.

“We know Glen would have done anything to support the United States and protect our freedom as Americans,” she said. “Two years after the Benghazi attack, our family has not received the symbolic justice all families of such American heroes deserve.”

The lawsuit might provide the Doherty family with some sense that justice has been done, although it’s certain that no level of financial compensation will ever replace their loss.

The folks who died there deserve justice.  It’s good to see those left behind demanding it.secretsofthefed



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