Derrick J Guest Hosting For The Angel Clark Show – Episode -500– 7/27/13

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derrick j

Welcome — who am I?


What is Smokedown Prohibition?

Things are Good for Snowden

“this segment of The Angel Clark Show has been brought to you by a friend of the Angel Clark Show. Yes, that’s right, a friend of the Angel Clark Show has responded to the call and is doing what they can do to help promote liberty through our listeners. You can do the same. All you have to do is go to the website, Once you’re there, I want you to scroll down. You will find a chat room. There you can interact with some of the other people listening to the show. You will also see a tab that says “donate”. Click on that tab and you will see we accept both paypal and bitcoin. Every donation helps.”

15-Yr-Old Boy Saves Abducted Little Girl

Tax on Sunlight


Your calls NA Poe –


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