City Orders Family to Get Rid of Special Needs Child’s Make-A-Wish Gift

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10-year-old Tiffany Miranda of Santa Fe Springs, CA suffers from a severe seizure disorder that prevents her from playing on playground equipment in public parks. To ease her quality of life, the Make-A-Wish Foundation built her a playground play set, which her parents placed in the back yard of their own property. However, according to CBS Los Angeles, the Santa Fe Springs city government has issued a citation ordering the family to remove the play set from their back yard, claiming that it is an eyesore.

Jessica Torres, Tiffany’s mother, told CBS Los Angeles, “When I asked the city, ‘So where do you expect my daughter to play?’ they said ‘Well, the city’s not responsible for your daughter’s disability…’ They said ‘Your Tiffany is not our problem.’” Stating her intention to fight back against the citation, Torres said, “I’m not going to let this go. I’m not going to remove the playhouse and I’m not going to remove her canopy and I want them to stop picking on my Tiffany.” Torres said that her daughter loves playing on her playground play set, “She’s able to be a normal kid. She has her own special park.”

Responding to the controversy, Santa Fe Springs city manager Thaddeus McCormack sent mixed signals about the order, telling CBS Los Angeles’ Adrianna Weingold that the city just meant for the family to clean up around the play set and that they could keep it. However, Weingold personally investigated the family’s property and characterized it as “relatively neat and tidy.” She also examined the citations that the city sent to the family and noted that an order requires them to dismantle the play set.

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