Here's how we can help you achieve audio gold.

Our Services

Consulting, Dialogue Editing, Dialogue Repair and Mastering.


Plug-in, microphone and gear advice

Proper mic placement 

Room treatment

Studio builds

Ear training 

Building chains or racks in your DAW.

Proper microphone maintenance 

Mixer board and interface advice 

Setting Proper Noise Floor Levels 

Analogue Emulation vs Digital, Gain Staging,  EQ ,Compression, De-essing, Taming Transients, LUFS, dBFS, RMS , Limiting, Metering, Meeting Mastering Requirements and more. 

Dialogue editing and restoration 

Eliminating unwanted dialogue in your audio is very time consuming and restoring audio is even more time consuming.

If you're a VO talent, audio-book narrator or podcaster we can help edit your dialogue.

We can also help you remove 




Mouth noise


Fix distortion

De-crackle audio

Wind noises 

Aggressive sibilance

Room Tone Replacement

Cars, Trucks, Trains, Planes 

And more


For podcasters, audio-book narrator and VO talent 

We have some of the finest metering and mastering plug-ins in the world.

Award winning mastering plug-ins are expensive, time consuming to learn and take years of ear training to learn how to use them correctly.  

We here at Audio Aid not only take regular hearing exams but also participate in daily ear training courses giving you the confidence to know that your final production will translate onto all devices, speaker systems and platforms. 

Never worry again if you're hitting the right standards and getting things to sound good. 

We have got you covered.



Over 10,000 hours of recording time with female and male talent.


250 plus full length audio-books produced, 1000's of podcast episodes and numerous full cast audio-book productions.

Audio Rescuing Tools

Izotope RX 6 Advanced, Adobe CC 2017 and Waves

Who is David Clark?

David Clark is the creator of Audio-Aid. He is a dialogue recording engineer, audio editor and serial mastering engineer who has nearly 10 years of experience. He’s done live broadcasting engineering for radio stations, been a front of house engineer for live events and has worked with NEW YORK TIMES best-selling authors, USA TODAY best-selling authors and some of AMAZON’S TOP FIFTY best-selling authors.


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