The Angel Clark Show with Warren Fahy talking Will Living Species Be Turned Into Biological Weapons Of Mass Destruction? -Episode -418– 3/27/13

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In Fahy’s new book, PANDEMONIUM, an underground city deep beneath the Ural mountains has been discovered, which was carved out by Stalin’s laborers during the darkest hours of the Cold War. The city is surrounded by ancient caverns that hold exotic and dangerous life forms which have evolved in isolation for countless millennia. Nell and Geoffrey Binswanger are biologists who have been lured to this island by a ruthless Russian tycoon, under the premise that they’d be cataloguing and identifying new species. Instead, they find themselves confronted by a vicious menagerie of biological horrors and voracious predators that have never tasted human blood. They must not only escape with their lives – they also need to make sure these world-ending predators don’t leave the island to wreak havoc and consume the world as we know it.

Warren Fahy

About The Author:

Warren Fahy is a bestselling author whose research has led him to examine the threat of invasive species on a grand scale. His new book PANDEMONIUM is a chilling look at a lost island that has been evolving new breeds of predators that, if they escaped, could consume the world and end humankind as we know it.


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