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Lawmaker demands the National Guard patrol the streets of Chicago to stop gun violence
The military could soon be patrolling the streets of Chicago, Illinois if a local lawmaker has her way. State Rep. Monique Davis has asked the governor to deploy the National Guard among an epidemic of violent crime.

Gun rights activist Adam Kokesh to stay in jail after refusing to speak to judge
During a Thursday morning arraignment hearing outside of Washington, DC, jailed activist Adam Kokesh refused to answer questions from a judge and was told that he’ll continue to be locked-up without bond.

Farmer risks his life to stop wildfire with tractor (VIDEO)
A Colorado farmer on Monday risked his life to stop a wildfire that broke out in a Weld County hayfield, using his tractor to dig a fire line just a few feet from the scorching blaze.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Introduces ’21st Century Glass-Steagall Act’ To Rein In Too-Big-To-Fail Banks
In response to the stock market crash of 1929, the Banking Act of 1933, also known as the Glass-Steagall Act, put up a wall between commercial banking and investment firms. That wall stood for more…

D.C. Lawmakers Pass Minimum Wage Mandate Despite Walmart’s Threats To Pull Stores
Walmart’s efforts Tuesday to deter Washington D.C’s city council from passing a bill that would require certain large retailers to pay their employees at least $12.50 — a significant bump above the…

FDA Bans BPA From Infant Formula Packaging (Because Manufacturers Have Already Stopped Using It)
Fresh off patting itself on the back for only approving two new cigarette products (because they’re basically the same as the cigarettes already on the market), the Food and Drug Administration is …

For first time ever, feds asked to sit out Defcon hacker conference
Call for a “time out” underscores tensions over breadth of NSA spy program.

London’s police spend over $16,000 per day to stake out Julian Assange
But Metropolitan Police commissioner hopes the Home Office will reimburse.

London’s police spend over $16,000 per day to stake out Julian Assange
But Metropolitan Police commissioner hopes the Home Office will reimburse.

Greece Hires Goldman Sachs, Rothschild to Help Economy
Anthony Gucciardi | According to Reuters on the partnership between the Greek bank rescue fund and the corrupt banking tag team Goldman and Rothschild in an article that has received virtually zero attention.

Obama gives himself control of all communication systems in America
US President Barack Obama quietly signed his name to an Executive Order on Friday, allowing the White House to control all private communications in the country in the name of national security.

D.C. to consider decriminalizing marijuana
Carrying pot in the nation’s capitol may soon not be a crime. The Washington, D.C., city council announced on Wednesday that it will consider legislation that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. The “Simple Possession of Small Quantities of Marijuana Decriminalization Amend…

CIA let 9/11 prisoner design vacuum cleaner
WASHINGTON (AP) — Confined to the basement of a CIA secret prison in Romania about a decade ago, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the admitted mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, asked his jailers whether he could embark on an unusual project: Would the spy agency allow Mohammed, who had earned his bac…

Unarmed man shot 16 times files $20 million suit against DOC
King County sheriff’s deputies and Department of Corrections officers went to the Auburn home to arrest a man for violating parole. It turned out to be the wrong guy.

Little known search engine that refuses to store data on users doubles web traffic amid NSA…
Aside from the reduced ads, this unbiased and private approach to using the internet is appealing to users angered at the news that U.S. and UK governments have direct access to what we’re searching.

Gun Rights Activist Adam Kokesh Busted for Shrooms
Adam Kokesh, a prominent libertarian gun rights activist who recently envisioned an aborted “Open Carry March” into Washington — that is, thousands of protestors marching into the district wielding loaded rifles — has been taken into custody on drug charges after cops found hallucinogenic mushrooms…

Another tragic loss — 37 million honeybees found dead in Canada
More than 37 million honeybees were found dead in Elmwood, Ontario, Canada, said beekeeper Dave Schuit, who lost the bees from 600 hives in June.

Rapper Lupe Fiasco’s Most Controversial Statements And Lyrics
Lupe Fiasco’s comments about Chiacgo’s public education system are just one example in a long-line of divisive political comments.

Iris scans are the new school IDs

Tony Stiles meme
A growing number of schools are replacing traditional identification cards with iris scanners.

Tony Stiles: America’s Original Political Badass!

Tony Stiles (Born December 19th, 1980) is an award winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, and political commentator. Self proclaimed King of accountability, facilitator of awesome, ambassador of badass, and defender of freedom. Often referred to as “America’s Original Political Badass” – Host of ‘The Tony Stiles Show’ a socially liberal and fiscally conservative political radio show on Omaha, Nebraska’s Mighty 1290 KOIL. Also the host of ‘The Stiles Initiative’ a political round table internet television program on Next News Network. Stiles is an alumni of The King’s College in New York City, former Baptist missionary to Romania, and Founder and Chairman of Stiles Industries, a venture capital firm in Omaha, Nebraska.

Stiles radio career started in 2000 on Grace University campus radio. Stiles has come a long way since campus radio, having lived in New York working in the high energy New York City radio scene. Stiles has also co-hosted and guest hosted a number of radio programs. He has successfully started four companies and has had a hand in the development in dozens of others.

After a lengthy hiatus, the decision to return to radio came as a result of being approached by his fans who urged him to get back on the air and bring some “nasty” to political talk radio. He then realized that people are starving for somebody to tell them the truth without the sugary aftertaste.

The offer to host an internet television talk show (The Stiles Initiative) on Next News Network came shortly after Stiles return to radio. The name of the show came from an the play on words with the word “initiative” – meaning “energy or aptitude in starting something new” and “the right to initiate legislative action” – seemed an appropriate title for the show.

Stiles is a dominant figure in the liberty movement in America as well as Europe. Standing six-feet tall and possessing a strong fiery voice, Stiles is a very popular public speaker. Stiles is also appearing in a film titled ‘A Long Way Off’ coming out in Autumn, 2013.!about/c60z


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