Angel Clark Show Talking About A Three-day-old Baby Being Sold On Facebook, “Man of Steel” And More -Episode -439– 4/25/13

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Man of Steel

Want to be among the first to see “Man of Steel”?

Walmart will be selling tickets for advance screenings to the film.

The retailer has paired with Warner Bros. to give customers early access to the film a day ahead of its June release.

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Three-day-old baby was sold on Facebook for £9,660 after his own GRANDFATHER told his daughter her child had died and stole him

Hospital nurse involved with child trafficking ring offered man £550
She visited the mother’s home and took the baby away claiming it was ill
Deal was arranged to sell child to a Delhi-based businessman for £10,000
Child is alive and well and reunited with his mother

Three day old baby was sold on Facebook

Baby Sold On Facebook: Grandfather Arrested After Selling Newborn Grandson For $830

Internet sales tax bill to hit roadblock in House

The Bush Family Is Sending Mixed Messages About Whether Jeb Should Run In 2016

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