The Angel Clark Show Talking Rapper Lupe Fiasco BeingThrown Off Stage At Inaugural Concert Plus David Spielman Joins Us -Episode -371– 1/21/13

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

IT WAS 50 years ago this August that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. closed his speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with his rendering of a dream he had for the country’s future. The soaring final sentences were somewhat extemporaneous — he let his emotions and sense of the occasion carry him past parts of the prepared text and on to the right words, concluding with the rousing “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last.” It was an exultant moment for much of this country, and in the national memory it has acquired the gauzy image of a happy ending to our long struggle with racial inequality and bigotry. Less vibrant in memory is an image from less than three weeks later: four girls dressed all in white because they were to lead youth day services at their Birmingham, Ala., church, their lives suddenly ended by a racial terrorist bombing.

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Keeping Your Obama Inauguration Bash From Becoming A Lupe Fiasco: A Handy Guide Tuesday night, Washington hosted the Staff Inaugural Ball and with that, we mark the last big to-do of this year’s inaugural season. For the past few days, Washington has hosted visiting celebrants and dignitaries and they have, of course, been treated to many musical performances. Tuesday night, for example, guests of the staff ball heard Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga singing songs, and earlier this week Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor sang some songs, and Beyonce … well, she did something with her voice, anyway. Nobody seems to know when and where she did it, but I think everyone agrees that whenever or wherever she did stuff with her voice, it was pretty awesome.

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