Angel Clark Show Talking Liberal Chick’s Pressure Cooker Ban Plus Aaron of Worlds of Magic – Episode -441– 4/29/13

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Worlds of Magic is a turn based 4X strategy game set in a fantasy universe. Like all 4X games it is set on the foundation of: Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate, on the basing of city founding and management, unit construction and army management as well as turn based battles. The Worlds of Magic universe is procedurally generated and no two games have to be the same, and the universe itself is composed of a number of different “planes” that can all be explored and conquered. In additional to the basic 4X elements the game also includes a deep magic system including spells, summoned creatures and magical artifacts, hero units with specialized talents, capable of wielding magical items and combat mechanics based on the popular D20 system. It’s up to the player to conquer the universe using a combination of magical, military, economic and even political power.


Worlds of Magic – A new classic 4X fantasy game

Coulter: Boston suspect’s widow ‘ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab’

Military says 100 of 166 prisoners now on hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay

US military says medical reinforcements arrive at Guantanamo Bay amid ongoing hunger strike

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Gitmo Is Killing Me

Obama Unveils New ‘Red Line’ for Syria’s Chemical Weapons

The White House says that United States President Barack Obama may approve of using military force against the Syrian government.

Liberal Chick Gets College Students to Sign Pressure Cooker Ban!

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