The Angel Clark Show Talking Kim Jung Un, John McCain, Venezuela’s Chavez -Episode -406– 3/8/13

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Venezuela’s Chavez to be embalmed for public view Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez will be embalmed and put on display “for eternity” at a military museum after a state funeral and an extended period of lying in state, acting President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday.

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North Korea vows end to nonaggression pacts after U.N. vote (CNN) — North Korea on Friday responded to tougher sanctions from the U.N. Security Council with another barrage of vitriol, repeating a vow to ditch all nonaggression pacts with the South.

A day after the isolated regime in Pyongyang had threatened a possible “preemptive nuclear attack” — something analysts say they think is unlikely — its official news agency reeled off a number of agreements with South Korea that it said would no longer apply.

It’s the latest installment in a week of furious rhetoric from the North, fueled by its anger over the U.N. vote on the new sanctions, a response to the Pyongyang’s recent nuclear test, and joint military drills by the United States and South Korea, which take place in the region each year.

North Korea watchers and U.S. officials say that the recent frenzy of ominous language from North Korea under its young leader Kim Jong Un makes the situation on the Korean Peninsula more worrying and unpredictable.

My Child & I Got Removed By Police From Our Home At 3am & I Won’t Know Why For 2 Weeks Right now I am experiencing something that many have experienced. I never considered restraining orders as something unlawful, but I now have one against me, and I feel like a criminal. Some background…

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My 7-year-old daughter and I were awoken this morning at about 3:30 am to the presence of several policeman in my bedroom. I was getting served a restraining order. I was not decently dressed. The cops said they could not leave the room, only avert their eyes. I tried to be assertive & ask what rights they had in my home. I came out to the hallway with them as one started reading from sheets of paper. I stopped him and asked him what was going on. He would only say he needed to read the papers to me, which were several pages long, and he was very rude. Needless to say, I was irritable, scared, and confused, so I told him I was not going to stand there and listen to him read 5 pages of small type to me at 3:30 am, that I had to be up in 3 hours, & that I’ll just take the papers & they can leave. He refused and this is when it slowly started to sink in. These group of cops were going to try and make me leave my house. I began feeling very protective and told them that I don’t give them permission to be in my home, and that as the only person on the lease in the home, I would like them to leave. They refused. He told me he’d been doing this for 20 years, and not a single person has said they didn’t want to listen to him read it. I asked what would happen if I refused to listen to him read it. (Anyone know the answer to that?) All I wanted to do was go to bed. At that point, he called his supervisor.

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