The Angel Clark Show Talking About The Email Taxes – To Fund Post Office, Kim Jong Un, George W Bush, North Korea -Episode -408– 3/12/13

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Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell condemns ‘stupid’ and ‘obscene’ Facebook hacker Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell has described a series of wall posts left by a Facebook hacker on his personal page as ‘stupid’ and ‘obscene’.

Republican General Powell had his Facebook page broken into allegedly by the same hacker said to have illegally accessed the email accounts of several members of former President George W Bush’s family.

The hacker, who uses the handle ‘Guccifer’, began uploading messages disparaging former President George W Bush yesterday morning.

One post read: ‘You will burn in hell, Bush!’

GW Bush Painting

George Bush Has Painted Over 50 Puppies, And His Teacher Says He’ll Go Down In History As A ‘Great Artist’ After an online hacker got his hands on self-portraits of former President George W. Bush in the shower, Fox News Atlanta tracked down his art teacher, Georgia-based painter Bonnie Flood.

Flood, who spent a month in Florida teaching Bush and his sister, says that the former President is a gifted artist and prolific painter of dogs — apparently, “he’s painted over 50 pictures of dogs.”

“It’s amazing, hes going to go down in the history books as a great artist,” she told Fox.

Unpredictable North Korea poses serious threat, U.S. officials say An unpredictable North Korea, with its nuclear weapons and missile programs, stands as a serious threat to the United States and East Asia nations, the director of National Intelligence warned Tuesday in a sober assessment of worldwide threats.

Testifying before a Senate panel, James R. Clapper delivered the U.S. intelligence community’s overview of global threats posed by terrorism, cyber attacks, weapons of mass destruction, the months-long civil war in Syria and the unsettled situation in post-Arab Spring nations.

north korea

North Korean Rights Abuses May Be Crimes Against Humanity Human-rights abuses by North Korea may constitute crimes against humanity, said Marzuki Darusman, the United Nations investigator who uncovered violations in the totalitarian state ranging from torture to arbitrary detention.

“Grave human-rights violations in the prison camps or the mere existence of slave camps may amount to crimes against humanity,” Darusman, the UN’s special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in North Korea, told reporters in Geneva today. “Many if not all of these nine patterns may constitute crimes against humanity.”

jim jung un

North Korean history reveals that an attack on South Korea in response to U.N. sanctions is likely

When the U.N. approved sanctions against North Korea back in 2009, the isolated country reportedly fought back by sinking a South Korean warship. On Monday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told his troops to be on “maximum alert.” But this time, Seoul has promised revenge.

Pyongyang scraps armistice amid heightened saber rattling

Berkley, CA Councilman Wants Billions in Email Taxes – to Fund Post Office Yes, Leftists are talking about taxing emails. Again.

Ponder for but a moment the monumental government overreach necessary to monitor and count every email every American sends. Network Neutrality and President Barack Obama’s Cyber Security Executive Order are hay-yuge government Web data grabs. They pale in comparison to this.

And – shocker – this latest tax-your-every-email notion emanates from Berkley, California.

(City Councilman) Gordon Wozniack suggested that (taxing) email, which is partially responsible for killing off demand for letter-carrying services, could save “vital functions” of the post office….

Which would be not unlike taxing the Henry Ford Motor Company to prop up the horse-buggy industry.


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