Angel Clark Show Talking The Bombing At Boston, Rehoboth Beach Police Brutality And More -Episode -431– 4/15/13

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Hunt for the man in black: Authorities search for ‘dark-skinned or black male’ as police guard another potential suspect in Boston hospital Police are seeking a suspect in the Boston bombings who is described as a ‘dark-skinned or black male’ carrying a backpack, while authorities are also reportedly questioning a potential suspect at an area hospital, according to reports.

The suspect at large was spotted at the scene of the twin explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line on Monday and he wearing a black sweatshirt with a hood, according to authorities. Five minutes before the first explosion, officials said the person attempted to gain entry to a restricted area and was turned away. Authorities say he may be a foreign national, based on his accent.

Another potential suspect was also being questioned by police at an area hospital Monday afternoon. Several news outlets reported that he is a 20-year-old Saudi national in the country on a student visa.

Horrifying Images From The Boston Marathon Explosions We’re still gathering information on reports of the explosion from the Boston Marathon earlier today. Photos gathered at and near the scene paint a horrifying picture of the incident and its aftermath.

Boston Globe reporter Steve Silva posted this photo on Facebook, with the caption, “God help us”:

Graphic Photos Of The Explosions At Boston Marathon Finish Line

Man in cuffs tazed  kicked by police while his pregnant wife screams Rehoboth DE

Man in cuffs tazed, kicked by police while his pregnant wife screams Rehoboth DE A man was tazed repeatedly and kicked in the head by police while he was in handcuffs in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. His wife, who was eight and a half months pregnant, watched and recorded the event, begging the police to stop tazing him. Throughout the disturbing and graphic video, the wife’s voice may be heard, begging the three police officers surrounding her husband to let her take him home.


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