Angel Clark Show Talking Sues FBI, Xbox One And Ellen Brewer With Arizona Freedom Festival– Episode -456– 5/20/13

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Navy dolphin finds 130-year-old torpedo

A Navy dolphin training to look for mines off the coast of San Diego found a museum-worthy 19th-century torpedo on the seafloor, military officials said.

The brass-coated, retro wonder of technology was one of the first self-propelled torpedoes used by the U.S. Navy. Just 50 of these so-called Howell torpedoes were made and only one other example has been recovered; it sits in the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, Wash., outside of Seattle.

Lew taps government retiree pension fund

WASHINGTON – is taking the FBI to court.

The website’s founder and managing editor Eric Garris, along with longtime editorial director Justin Raimondo, filed a lawsuit in federal court today, demanding the release of records they believe the FBI is keeping on them and the 17-year-old online magazine. says this is one more example of post-9/11 government overreach, and a stark reminder that the First Amendment has been treated as little more than a speed bump on the road to a government surveillance state. The lawsuit is particularly timely, considering recent scandals in which the Department of Justice secretly seized months of journalists’ phone records at the Associated Press, and did the same and more to a FOX News reporter, while the IRS is acknowledging it singled out conservative groups that criticize the government for extra scrutiny.

Suddenly, the press is more aware than ever that the state has the ability to secretly monitor its activities, heretofore thought of as constitutionally protected from government interference and intimidation.

“Freedom of the press is a cornerstone of our democracy, whether it’s AP or,” said Julia Harumi Mass, staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, which is representing in the case. “FBI surveillance of news organizations interferes with journalists’ ability to do their jobs as watchdogs that hold the government accountable.” Sues FBI After Secret Surveillance

Can the new Xbox One save gaming?
For years — and I mean years — consumer electronics and computer companies have been struggling to replace the panoply of boxes hanging off American televisions. Game consoles, DVD players, cable boxes, DVRs — it’s a mess. So it was no surprise that Microsoft announced today a new Xbox it hopes will become the all-in-one device in your living room.

Ellen Brewer, Event Coordinator for the first annual Arizona Freedom Festival in Show Low, AZ. Born and raised in Arizona from the dessert to the reservation to the White Mountains. The mountains always call me home when I leave so I am planted here in the best part of the state. My husband and I own and operate a commercial rabbitry. When times were more prosperous we would assist others in food storage and self-reliance, all the while supporting Ron Paul as part of our occupation. As the end of the Ron Paul campaigning has ended, we have moved on with a great group of volunteers to form a local Freedom Festival with an emphasis also on preparedness. The Arizona Freedom Fest is a 501(c)(3) diligently working to educate the community through entertainment, liberty speakers, and other events that will draw people I for the fun of it while being exposed to great teachers. My heart is drawn to liberty and free agency. I have had strong, long lasting lessons in the losses of liberty at the hands of corruption of those in power. My goal is to help others learn without going through harsh experiences, which is a difficult task. It’s a “that will never happen to me” idea, but in reality anything can happen to you and the liberties that you have today can be gone tomorrow with the realization that something is very, very wrong. If we can help a handful of people get the message then our cause is worthwhile.

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