Angel Clark Show With Survivor Jack – Episode -503– 8/01/13

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‘FAKE COPS’ Robbing Unsuspecting Drivers at Gunpoint Were REAL COPS
‘FAKE COPS’ Robbing Unsuspecting Drivers at Gunpoint Were REAL COPS00 A rash of robberies by people “dressed as police” led the people of Detroit to believe that there were “fake cops” out in the city robbing people at gunpoint. It turns out the people were “not fake after all,” and actual police…

Ariel Levy: Was Justice Served in Steubenville?
As the trial approached, a truck sponsored by activists began driving around town with a message painted on its side: “The World Is Watching Steubenville.” In the high-school parking lot and at the mall, the mood was edgy. Many people felt ambushed: by the media, protesters, and one another. Fred Ab…

Survivor Jack | Jack’s Got Your Back
Survivor Jack –

Sentencing Phase of Bradley Manning’s Trial (Live Updates) | The Dissenter
The sentencing phase in the trial of Pfc.

XKeyscore presentation from 2008 – read in full
Training materials for the NSA’s XKeyscore program detail how analysts can use it and other systems to mine enormous agency databases and develop intelligence from the internet

XKeyscore: NSA tool collects ‘nearly everything a user does on the internet’
• XKeyscore gives ‘widest-reaching’ collection of online data • NSA analysts require no prior authorization for searches • Sweeps up emails, social media activity and browsing history


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