The Angel Clark Show With Scott Britz-Cunningham Talking “CODE WHITE” -Episode -427– 4/9/13

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The Wonders of New Technology In Medicine, And The Potential For Them To Be Misused To Create “Super Humans” And Other Problems

With A Look At The New Thriller CODE WHITE

By Harvard Medical School Assistant Professor – Scott Britz-Cunningham

Moore’s Law states that computing power will double every two years – and we have now reached that point with new advances in medical technology that are changing the lives of thousands of people. From giving sight to blind people, to allowing the deaf to hear their mother’s voice for the first time, doctors are becoming miracle workers with abilities we have never seen before. But what hazards come along with these wonders, and are on the brink of creating a new race of people that have “super human” powers of longevity, intelligence, strength and more?

Scott Britz-Cunningham is a gifted doctor and researcher who is at the forefront of today’s breaking advances in medical technology. He has assisted in brain surgeries, defibrillated patients in cardiac arrest, and he’s helped surgical teams change a patient’s life forever. He can discuss amazing and true stories that are happening in hospitals TODAY, and what is just around the corner. He is also the author of the new thriller CODE WHITE, which is an authentic look at how a hospital would respond to a bomb threat – especially if the bomber is being aided by a super computer of his own design.

In a hospital, discrete codes pass along urgent messages – CODE RED is for fire, CODE PINK is for a missing baby, and CODE WHITE is one you luckily hear very rarely… a bomb threat. In the new thriller CODE WHITE, Nuclear Medicine Specialist Scott Britz-Cunningham has created a nightmare scenario amidst a miracle operation that could change medicine as we know it. In the book, young neurosurgeon Dr. Ali O’Day is about to implant a revolutionary mini-computer into a boy’s head so he can see again. This is only possible because her estranged ex-husband Kevin helped to create a new supercomputer, which assisted with the operation and design of the mini-computer. However, because Kevin feels he was denied credit for creating the supercomputer, he has programmed the hyper-intelligent machine, named Odin, to help him plan a terrorist attack for ransom during the operation. It becomes a race against time to find the bombs and the culprit before everything is lost…meanwhile we wait to see if the implant will help the boy see again, or if it kills him first.

About The Author:

SCOTT BRITZ-CUNNINGHAM was born and raised in Chicago. An MD and PhD, he works as a staff radiologist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and is an Assistant Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Britz Cunningham lives in Massachusetts with his artist wife, Evelyn, and his son Alexander.

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