Angel Clark Show With RONALD F. MAXWELL Director Of The Movie Copperhead– Episode -483– 7/2/13

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His epic films of the Civil War Gettysburg (1993) and Gods and Generals (2003) have established

Maxwell as cinema’s leading interpreter of that complex, lethal, heroic period in American

history. Copperhead extends that study into the realm of small town American life, where the

conflicts hundreds of miles from the battlefields are no less vigorous or violent.

Raised in Clifton, New Jersey – son of a World War II veteran and his French war bride – Maxwell

studied filmmaking at NYU and made his first mark directing Sissy Spacek and William Hurt in

Verna: USO Girl, a television feature for which Maxwell was nominated for an Emmy. His first

theatrical film Little Darlings (1980) was a box-office smash that starred Tatum O’Neal and Kristy

McNichol. Over the course of the next decade, while gathering the support to realize his

ambitions for Gettysburg, Maxwell directed other features (The Night the Lights Went Out in

Georgia, Parent Trap II, Kidco) and a documentary study of the Nicaraguan Civil War: In the

Land of the Poets (1987). Maxwell looks upon Copperhead as a natural extension of his interest

in the American Civil War – an intimate story that holds up a distant mirror to divisions still

afflicting the United States today. He is by no means finished with this preoccupation. In 2007,

Maxwell optioned Speer Morgan’s 1979 book Belle Starr, about the woman who rode with

Quantrill’s Raiders – the Confederate guerilla group that included Jesse James – and who

headed west after the war, where she was known as Queen of the Outlaws. Maxwell is currently

in preproduction on an epic trilogy of movies: Joan of Arc: The Virgin Warrior.

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