Angel Clark Show So You Think You Know What Real Milk Is? Think Again – Episode -443– 5/1/13

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The Campaign for Real Milk

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

A Campaign for Real Milk

Legalize the sale of raw milk in Delaware

This issue is about more than just raw milk and our right to buy and sell it; it is about our rights as resident’s of Delaware. When did we start allowing our state government to dictate to us what we can and can not eat and drink? By signing this petition you are letting the State know that you want your rights respected! Whether you choose to consume raw milk or not, the choice should be solely yours, not the State of Delaware’s. Unbiased research has shown raw milk to be as safe as any other food product if handled properly. If “consumer safety” is the only issue, why then does the State allow the sale of raw meat? If not handled properly, raw meat has the same dangerous pathogens as improperly handled raw milk. The argument against the sale of raw milk is illogical and unwinnable. We demand food choice and consumer rights!

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