The Angel Clark Show With Professor David Schultz Talking The Political Myths Behind Failed Public Policies -Episode -416– 3/25/13

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David Schultz is Hamline University Professor

About The Author

David Schultz is Hamline University Professor in the School of Business where he teaches classes in ethics, public policy, and economics. He also holds an appointment at the University of Minnesota School of Law, where he is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Law and Politics. Professor Schultz has a PhD in Political Science and a Law degree and has been a professor for more than 21 years. Previous to teaching he has worked as a housing an economic planner and in local government. Professor Schultz is the author and editor of more than 25 books and 70+ articles on various topics of law, legal theory, and American politics, and he has edited or co-edited several encyclopedias.

In his new book AMERICAN POLITICS IN THE AGE OF IGNORANCE, Business and Political Professor David Schultz pulls back the curtain shrouding the creation of public policy by state, local, and federal lawmakers. Schultz contends that policy makers often ignore ample research when it comes to legislating a range of issues, preferring to believe in popular myths that lead to enacting failed policies again and again. Examining common issues such as restricting immigration and providing public subsidies for sports stadiums, the book catalogs a litany of enacted failed policies that happen again and again.

American Politics in the Age of Ignorance Why Lawmakers Choose Belief Over Research

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